Veterinary Delivery of sport horses

vetWhen you have chosen your horse or pony we will organise everything for you: vetting, documentation, passport and transport. We will arrange vetting by a recognised equestrian vet. This consists of a fitness check, heart check, wind and soundness of limb, to name only a few. Horses can be X-rayed on demand.

Blood tests will be taken if the horse is to travel abroad. They can also be taken for sales within Ireland if the new owner requires them. Documentation e.g. health certificates and passports  are totally necessary for all horses that are being transported. For the duration of its journey the horse is insured by the transporter. We only work with recognised, insured operators accustomed to equine transport.

Veterinary Panel for sport horses

We organise vetting by one of the recognised veterinary panel. The customer has the choice of 4 veterinarians to get there horse vetted and x-rayed on demand.

Veterinary Transport of sport horses

Recognised Insured Equine Transport
We only use recognised insured operators accustomed to equine transport.